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The United Puri-Nimapara Central Coop.Bank Ltd., PURI
Brief History of the D.C.C.B :-

The United Puri Nimapara Central Coop.Bank Ltd.Puri situated in the abode of Lord Jagannath and in the land of medieval wonder Konark has been assiduously engaged in serving the lakhs of farmers of Puri District since its inception during the last 50 years. It has a very glorious past, rich heritage and excellent track-record & in the initial days of post-Independence period when Banking was a dream in rural areas this Bank had reached the people in the remotest places through 214 nos.of PACS, which were previously known as Grain Gola Coop.Societies and had their existence from the beginning of the 20th century and had made their presence felt in the rural areas through self-less service to the farmers.

Two nos. of CCBs namely Puri CCB and Nimapara CCB were functioning separately prior to 1956 and in the year 1956 these two CCBs were merged together, emerging as a big and strong Bank to help the rural poor, particularly the farming community. The historic and legendary Chilka lake is also situated in the land of Puri, whose inhabitants extend their traditional profession through the help of this Bank. Some of the creditable achievements of the Bank are that its share capital has reached Rs.841.15 lakhs, membership at 4126, it has invested loans to farmers for agriculture and allied activities and weaver artisans to the extent of Rs.93.00 crores. It has deposit of Rs.29.00 crores and its C.D ratio is 324%. The Bank has issued 74728 K.C.C, enrolled 191769 members out of 241430 agricultural families through 214 number of PACS spreading over 11 blocks. The Bank has issued 4623 Gold Cards and 8664 Silver Cards organised 1400 women's Self Help Groups, 74 tenant farmers SHG, made credit linkage of 183 Women Self Help Groups for Rs.21.86 lakhs and Rs.0.34 lakh to tenant farmers S.H.G respectively. The Bank has also financed loan under Swarojagar Credit Card Scheme and in other priority sectors. It has computerised its 3 Branches and 3 Mini Banks. It has 13 Branches and 214 PACS. The Bank is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee during the year 2006.

Branch Name with Address
  1. Main Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    Kacheri Raod, Puri, P.O. / Dist. Puri.

  2. Mahila Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At: Balagandi, Salabega Bazar, Puri, P.O./ Dist.Puri.

  3. Evening Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At: Balagandi, Salabega Bazar, Puri, P.O./ Dist.Puri.

  4. Srikhetra (Sadar) Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At: Badasankha, Puri, P.O./ Dist.Puri.

  5. Satyabadi Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Satyabadi, Dist- Puri

  6. Pipili Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Pipili, Dist- Puri

  7. Delang Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At: Delang Station Bazar, P.O: Beraboi, Dist-Puri

  8. Kanas Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Kanas, Dist: Puri

  9. Brahmagiri Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Brahmagiri, Dist- Puri

  10. Nimapara Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O:Nimapara, Dist- Puri

  11. Gop Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Gop, Dist- Puri

  12. Kakatpur Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Kakatpur, Dist- Puri

  13. Astaranga Branch, U.P.N.C.C.Bank Ltd.
    At / P.O: Astaranga, Dist- Puri
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